Management of Acute AD Episodes

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Despite appropriate preventative strategies, AD remains common among individuals with SCI.  As previously noted, especially in individuals with cervical or high thoracic injuries, episodes of AD, even accompanied by a significant increase in arterial blood pressure, can be asymptomatic (Linsenmeyer et al. 1996; Ekland et al. 2008; McGillivray et al. 2006).The Guidelines of the Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine for management of AD recommends employing non-pharmacological measures initially; if they fail, and systolic blood pressure continues to be at or above 150 mmHg in adults, 120 mmHg in children under 5 years old, 130 mmHg in children 6-12 years old, and 140 mmHg in adolescents, pharmacological agents should be initiated (Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine 2006).

Figure 3 – Autonomic Dysreflexia Symptom and Treatment care from SCI-BC (https://sci-bc.ca/)