Pharmaceutical Interventions for Respiratory Function Post SCI

Despite working on respiratory muscle training and receiving chest physiotherapy, there remain periods of the day when Mr. A.H. continues to require increased ventilatory support. The ICU nurse is asking what treatments should be introduced at this phase to improve his respiratory function.
Q3. Identify the various types of pharmaceutical interventions to enhance respiratory function and describe the evidence for each.
1. The use of bronchodilators should be considered in subjects with tetraplegia who demonstrate an element of obstructive airway impairment.
2. The effects of other medications commonly used in the management of SCI such as baclofen and oxybutynin should be considered when reviewing airway hyperreactivity in subjects with tetraplegia.
3. The short-term use of oxandrolone should be considered to improve pulmonary function in subjects with tetraplegia.