Respiratory Function

Q1. What is the evidence for inspiratory muscle training for enhancing respiratory function?
1.     Respiratory muscle training improves respiratory muscle strength and endurance in people with SCI.
Q2. What are the two forms of respiratory trainers and how does each of these work?
1. The two main types of devices are resistive and threshold trainers (see figure 3).
2. Both of these devices have a one-way valve that closes during inspiration so that the subject must breathe through a small diameter hole for the resistive trainer or against a spring loaded valve for the threshold trainer.
3. The one-way valve opens during expiration such that no load is imposed during the expiratory phase of respiration.
For more information please see: Inspiratory Muscle Training


Figure 3: Threshold trainer (top) and Resistive trainer (bottom). Threshold and P-Flex trainers available from Respironics HealthScan Inc., 41 Canfield Rd., Cedar Grove, NJ7, 0009-1201. 1-800-962-1266.