After successfully weaning from the ventilator, Mr. A.H. was transferred to the rehabilitation facility at 12 weeks post-injury. Mr. A.H. has been in rehabilitation for two weeks and has been undergoing intense assessments with the rehab team. As a result of the increased activity of being in rehabilitation, he has started to complain of pain in his neck and shoulders, and daily headaches. He wonders about his chances of having post SCI pain and its impact.
Q4. What is the incidence of pain post SCI?
1. Reported estimates of the incidence of pain following SCI range anywhere from 48 to 94%.
2. Within this population there are estimates of individuals with debilitating pain ranging between 11 to 34%.
For more information please see: Incidence of Pain Post SCI
Q5. What is the impact of pain on the quality of life of SCI subjects?
1. Pain post SCI has a significant effect on quality of life and has been reported as the most influential factor.
2. Post-SCI pain is common and often severe beginning relatively early post-injury.
For more information please see: Impact of Pain on Quality of Life Post SCI