Pressure Modifying Seating Parameters

Q9. What is the evidence associated with Pressure Modifying Seating Parameters in preventing pressure ulcers?
1. There is level 3 evidence that various cushions or seating systems (e.g. dynamic versus static) are associated with potentially beneficial reduction in seating interface pressure or pressure ulcer risk factors like skin temperature (Level 3 evidence; figure 8).
2. There is level 3 evidence that adding lumbar support to the wheelchair of those with chronic SCI has a negligible effect on reducing seated buttock pressures at the ischial tuberosities.
For more information, please see: Specialized Seating.

Figure 8. Areas where bones are close to the surface (called “bony prominences”) and areas that are under the most pressure are at greatest risk for developing pressure ulcers. Source: Copyright © 2010 by University of Washington/MSKTC.