Case 11: Mr. MR

We would like to graciously acknowledge Dalton Wolfe, PhD for his contribution to the development of this case study.

Mr. MR is a right hand dominant 67-year-old retired botany professor. He sustained multilevel non-operative vertebral fractures secondary to osteoporosis after falling down a flight of stairs at home. When examined on admission to the SCI rehabilitation unit on post injury day 10 he had paraplegia with an injury severity of T3 AIS D, in a Brown Sequard pattern See figure 1 and 2 for Mr. MR’s health status. See figure 3 for Brown Sequard pattern. The clinical team discusses the merits of the American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) test used to assess the patient.

Figure 1. Mr. MR’s presenting condition.

Figure 2. T3 AIS D, spinal injury. From Medical Illustration 2010, Nucleus Medical Media, Inc.

Figure 3. Brown-Sequard Syndrome (transerverse section). One side of cord affected. Loss of motor function and position sense on same side and of pain sensation on opposite side.