Case 10: Mrs. LV

We would like to graciously acknowledge Dalton Wolfe, PhD for his contribution to the development of this case study.

Mrs. L.V. is a 35-year-old female, wife and mother of one young daughter aged 3 years. She has been diagnosed with a C7 AIS A spinal cord injury. Mrs. L.V. became injured when she tripped over a shoe on the stairs and fell down a flight of steps landing awkwardly on her neck and back. Mrs. L.V. immediately had no sensation and movement in her arms and legs.

At the time of her injury, Mrs. L.V. was working as an office manager in a busy dental office. Mrs. L.V. reported that she was overweight at the time of accident as she never lost the weight gained during pregnancy. Mrs. L.V. reported that she found it difficult to find time to exercise while working fulltime and raising a family. Mr. and Mrs. L.V. had also been trying to become pregnant again at the time of the injury. See figure 1 and 2 for Mrs. L.V.’s health status.

Figure 1. Mrs. L.V.’s presenting condition.

Figure 2. C7, AIS A spinal cord injury. From Medical Illustration 2010, Nucleus Medical Media Inc.